I. Music for stage and films

A          Stage Music

1.         The Tower  (Rock opera)

            Libretto by Mike Reynolds; Piano score available

2.         ‚The Civil WarS‘ Act One:  Project for the Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles by R. Wilson *   

            Extracts: Los Angeles Suite; Labyrinth; Stations

3.         Minotauros         Music for Ballet *   

4.         Music for Ballet for Maja Plissetzkaja *

5.         Winter Dream     Ballet music for a film project *

Typical scetch sheet by Nicolas

B          Film Music

1.         Die Bleierne Zeit or Marianne und Juliane (US title)

            Film by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany 1981

2.         Schwestern oder die Balance des Glücks or Sisters, or the Balance of Happiness (US title)

            Film by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany 1981

3.         Heller Wahn or Sheer Madness (US title) or Friends and Husbands

            Film by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany 1983

4.         Unerreichbare Nähe

            Film by Dagmar Hirtz, Germany 1984

5.         Marlene

            Film by Maximilian Schell, Switzerland 1984

6.         Tschechow in meinem Leben or Chekhov in my Life

            Film by Vadim Glowna, Germany 1985

7.         Rosa Luxemburg

            Film by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany 1986

8.         Quarantäne or Quarantine

            Film by Nico Hofmann, Germany 1989


II. Chamber Music

1.        Cyprus Pictures (40’)

             – Octet for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Double Bass, Percussion and Piano in 6 Movements

2.        Cyprus Dances (15’)

            – Septet for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Double Bass and Percussion

3.        Divertimento Nr.1 ‘Bachiana’  (10’)

            for Chamber orchestra

4.        Divertimento Nr.2 ‚Im Stile Mozarts‘ (10’)

            for Strings



5.        ‚Le quattro stagioni‘ by Antonio Vivaldi

            arranged for four Pianos

6.        ‚Nutcracker-Suite‘ by P. Tchaikovsky

            arranged for two Pianos **


III. Music for Piano:

1.        Kinderlaunen  (Cycle of 16 Miniatures) **

2.        Orthodoxia  (Sonata in four Movements)

3.        Sonate für Chick  in 3 Movements

4.        ‘Improvisation’ (Suite in 4 Movements)

5.        Corelli Variations

6.        Drei Stücke für Chick (3 Miniatures)

7.        8 Nocturnes

8.        Hommage à J. S. Bach

9.        Pictures for Piano

10.     Playmusic (‚Quatschmusik‘)

11.     ‘Scherzo’ in g-minor

12.     ‘Prelude’

13.     Exisosis (Passacaglia)

14.     Encore (Etude)

15.     Reflections

16.     Variationen über ein eigenes Thema *

17.     Novelette im Stil von Robert Schumann *

18.     Allegro strepitoso im Stil von Serge Prokofiev *

19.     Jeux im Stil von Maurice Ravel *

20.     Sonate A-Dur im Stil von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart *

21.     Sonate D-Dur im Stil von Joseph Haydn *

22.     Espana im Stil von Isaac Albeniz *

23.     Adagio im Stil von Ludwig van Beethoven *

24.     Walzer im Stil von Frederic Chopin *

25.     Ungarische Rhapsodie im Stil von Franz Liszt *


IV. Songs and other small compositions

1.        Song of Freedom

2.        Für Mausi

3.        Conversation with myself  for Flute solo

4.        Natasha, chanson

5.        Marina, chanson

6.        62 Rocksongs like ‘Good Night’, ‘Oranges’, Grapes’, ‘Just like Gilbert O’ Sullivan’, ‘Rock’n Roll            Spring  Time’, ‘National Hero’ ect. … *

*     score currently not available

**   already published